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Dealing with divorce matters, we have had many enquiries by callers that tell us that they want to divorce their husbands and wives. However, in many cases, divorce is not the answer that they are seeking for.

When is divorce not the answer

When is divorce not the answer? Very simply, there are certain situations when divorce is not the answer.

In the first situation, under the laws of Singapore, if a couple has not been married for 3 years, they will not be able to file for a divorce unless 1 of them can show to the Court that he/she has suffered exceptional hardship or that the other party has exhibited exceptional depravity. Alternatively, if parties have not consummated the marriage, they can consider filing for an annulment instead.

In the second situation, we have seen cases where 1 party simply feels that they are incompatible and cannot get along, always getting into frequent quarrels. In such cases, they do not fulfil any of the grounds for divorce under Singapore law.

The couple should first seek help, either by seeking advice from their family and friends, or seek professional counselling. They will have to first separate for 3 years and file for a divorce with the other party’s consent. In the event that the other party does not consent, then the minimum separation period will have to be 4 years.

When is divorce the answer

A couple can only seek for a divorce in Singapore if the divorce is based on the following reasons that show that there has been an irretrievable breakdown in the marriage:

  • Adultery
  • Unreasonable/Abusive behaviour
  • Desertion
  • Living separately (for 3 years with the other party’s consent, or for 4 years without the other party’s consent)

Briefly, adultery is when 1 party has been caught sleeping with other people. This ground may be the hardest to use, as the person alleging adultery on the other person’s part has to prove that there has been adultery committed.

For unreasonable behaviour, any form of mental or physical abuse will suffice to prove that there has been unreasonable behaviour exhibited by the other party, but it cannot be a one-off incident. In a case where a person suspects their spouse of committing adultery but is unable to get evidence of any sexual relations between their spouse and the 3rd party, this ground of unreasonable behaviour, in that their spouse has improper associations with another person, can be used.

For desertion, where one’s spouse has abandoned the family, it has to be for a continuous period of at least 2 years before filing of the divorce.

The most commonly used reason for divorce is separation. This is a reason that is neutral as it does not rely on the wrong-doing of any party to the marriage. There are 2 prescribed periods of 3 years with both parties’ consent or 4 years without the consent of the other party.

Many times, the divorce can be resolved without going for a full trial and hearing, which will save all parties time and money.

Case study 1: Successful mediation

In cases where the divorce is contested, when parties cannot come to an agreement before filing for a divorce, the Courts will always ask parties to attend mediation to see if they can resolve all the issues in the divorce amicably including the ancillary matters of child custody, care and control, access, division of matrimonial assets and maintenance.

We have gone for mediations where both parties are unwilling to even talk to each other. However parties must not forget that although they do not want to stay married to each other, they still remain parents of their children. Settling the divorce at mediation may spare parties and their children of the pains of the divorce. Thus when attending mediation, parties should not have the mindset that they are going to stick to their guns and not give in on any grounds.

Case study 2: Uncontested divorce

In many cases, we have successfully negotiated all the terms of the divorce on behalf of our client and proceeded to file for the divorce on a simplified uncontested basis. In these type of cases, parties and/or their lawyers do not need to attend Court and the whole process from the filing of the divorce documents to Court to the conclusion of the divorce can be as fast as 4 and a half months.

If you are contemplating divorce, speak to our family matters experts today (we’re multi-lingual; English, Mandarin, Tamil).

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Adrian’s profile

Adrian read law at the University of Bristol, UK and graduated in 2003. In 2009 he completed the Diploma in Singapore Law from the National University of Singapore and was called to the Singapore bar in 2010.

Adrian’s main practice areas are corporate, civil, family and general criminal litigation.

Adrian’s experience in Corporate includes general contracts, mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance, joint ventures as well as circulars for share buyback mandates, change of auditors and employee share option/share award schemes.

Adrian also has several years of experience in civil litigation relating to companies, employment, tenancy disputes and debt recovery.

He has also assisted many clients with family disputes, wills and probate.

While Adrian was working with a prominent criminal lawyer in Singapore, he gained tremendous criminal litigation experience in various offences under the Penal Code including cheating, corruption, theft, evasion of tax and offences under the Road Traffic Act. His experience has assisted many of his clients faced with these criminal charges and others relating to companies.
Adrian was an appointed prosecutor for the (then) Council for Private Education for offences under the Private Education Act and the Insolvency & Public Trustee’s Office for offences under the Bankruptcy Act.

Apart from being a practising lawyer, Adrian is a bowling enthusiast and was part of the Singapore National Youth Development Squad in Bowling in his earlier years. He was also the recipient of the South Zone Colours Award for Bowling.

Like most Singaporeans, Adrian is definitely a foodie and enjoys trying all the local cuisine around Singapore and invites you to join him for a gastronomical food tour.

Advocate & Solicitor, Supreme Court of the Republic of Singapore (2010)


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