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7 Urgent Steps Critical To Tackle Cyber Attacks On Your Company That Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars..

Introduction According to a Cyber Security Agency (CSA) report in 2021, the number of ransomware and phishing cases in Singapore increased by 54% in 2021 and affected mostly Small and…
DLLC Supports SMEs

How To Bulletproof Your SME Against Disputes – The Singapore Dispute Resolution Guide

Unlocking Business Longevity: A Step-by-Step Guide to Building a Robust Dispute Resolution framework in Your SME Introduction: Being involved in a court case fighting for your rights whether for debts,…
DLLC Supports SMEs

8 Compelling Reasons why Your Company’s Employment Agreement and Handbook Is Completely Outdated and Unreliable

Introduction: From 2019 Pre-Covid till 2023, we have seen several changes in the employment law space from the Government’s focus on an older workforce; the presence of more managers and…
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Demystifying the Due Diligence Process with 6 Key Questions

Introduction  You have heard of the phrase “due diligence” but what really happens in a due diligence exercise.  When does it begin and how does it affect a potential purchaser or…