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Road Traffic Accident Lawyers

Accident lawyers are pivotal in navigating the complex process of claiming compensation and conducting negotiations, ensuring victims receive the rightful settlement for their losses and injuries.

DLLC is a highly reputable law firm in road traffic accident claims with a specialisation that encompasses road traffic accidents among other areas. Our dedicated team has over 19 years of proven experience and is able to offer expert legal advice and representation, ensuring clients involved in road traffic accidents are supported through every step of their claim.

Services for Road Traffic Accidents

As accident lawyers, we fully grasp the complexities involved in securing your rightful compensation for injuries sustained. Below are the services we provide to navigate these challenges effectively:

  • Legal consultation
  • Claims assessment
  • Insurance claims handling
  • Investigation and evidence gathering
  • Legal representation
  • Negotiation and litigation support
  • Maximising compensation

What Makes DLLC Unique from Other Law Firms

With 19 years of proven success in road traffic accident claims, our legal team possesses an unparalleled depth of knowledge and experience in this field. Our commitment to justice is unwavering; our accident lawyers tirelessly advocate on your behalf until you receive the compensation and support you are entitled to.

We offer professional and personalised legal advice tailored to the unique circumstances of each road traffic accident victim. Our approach ensures you fully understand your rights and the documentation required to substantiate your claim. With our expertise, we can also accurately determine the value of your claim, ensuring you pursue the compensation you rightfully deserve. Our reliable legal support extends through our experienced team of lawyers, paralegals, and support staff, all dedicated to your case.

We also understand the nuanced challenges that come with navigating the aftermath of a car accident, especially if injuries are involved. This is why our lawyers offer extended availability and personalised communication methods such as text messaging.

DLLC’s ethos of going above and beyond for our clients, coupled with our extensive experience and innovative approach to legal services, makes us the premier choice for anyone affected by a road traffic accident. Additionally, DLLC also boasts a team of specialised lawyers for civil litigation and comprehensive corporate legal services, showcasing our competence across all areas of law.

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Expertise of DLLC in Road Traffic Accident Claims

Our Legal Team

Car Accidents

We understand the pain, suffering, and financial losses that accompany car crash injuries like whiplash, sprains, nerve damage, and broken bones among others. Depending on the type of accident and the extent of your injuries, we can help you pursue loss of income, reduced future earning capacity, and bills for medical care.

Case Study: Car Accident - Car badly damaged and driver sustained serious injuries in a collision

Jacqueline was driving out of her workplace and headed towards an uncontrolled cross junction when a white van collided into her vehicle from her right.

The collision caused her car to make a 180 degree turn before it came to a stop. She had to be removed from the vehicle as her driver’s door was badly damaged and she was unable to get out. She sustained injuries to her chest, neck and hip.

  • The driver charged with Careless Driving Causing Hurt under Section 65(1)(a) of the Road Traffic Act, Chapter 276.
  • The Letter of Demand was sent out to the driver and his insurer.
  • Matter resolved within 2 months.
  • This matter was resolved at pre-writ stage.

Bicycle Accidents

A cyclist on the road has the same rights as any other motorists, and a cyclist on a sidewalk has the same rights as a pedestrian. When you suffer injuries from an accident with a reckless driver, we can help you fight for maximum damages, medical costs, pain, and lost wages so you can just focus on your healing.

Case Study: Bicycle Accident - Cyclist hit by car and sustained serious injuries

Chan was cycling on the leftmost lane on a busy road located in the Central Business District of Singapore. Whilst he was cycling past a junction, a van dashed out from a side road and collided into Chan from his left. He initially checked for injuries and noticed he sustained minor abrasions and was in shock. However, after 20 minutes, his pain worsened. He walked into A&E and was diagnosed with a collar bone fracture. He also sustained injuries to his knees, thigh and had multiple abrasions all over his body.

  • The driver was charged with Careless Driving Causing Hurt under Section 65(1)(a) of the Road Traffic Act, Chapter 276.
  • The matter was settled within a year of sending out the Letter of Demand despite commencing legal proceedings in court.

Pedestrian Accidents

As foot traffic grows in Singapore, pedestrian accidents also increase due to negligent driving. Even at relatively low speeds, a vehicle can cause severe injuries to pedestrians like head injuries, back injuries, and fractured bones among others. We can give you the proper legal advice to claim the highest award possible for the injuries you’ve suffered.

Case Study: As a pedestrian in a hit-and-run accident

Deborah was crossing the zebra crossing to get to the bus stop to catch a bus to meet her friends for a movie. All of a sudden, a motorcycle sped past and knocked her down before speeding off. She was able to get up but her leg was in too much pain to walk properly and she was suffering from cuts and abrasions on her arms and legs. Fortunately, there was a nearby passer-by, Michael, who managed to get a clear look of the license plate number of the motorcycle. What should Deborah do?

In this case, it would be advisable for Deborah to do the following:

  • Call the police at 999 and 995 for an ambulance or get Michael to do so.
  • Get the particulars of Deborah and have him make a report to the police.
  • Get Michael to take clear photographs of the accident scene.
  • Have her injuries examined, treated and documented at the hospital. Make sure to keep all invoices.
  • Make a police report as soon as she is able to and ensure that it is as detailed as possible.
  • Consider if she wants to claim against the rider of the motorcycle or make a hit and run claim with the Motor Insurers Bureau of Singapore, and if so, seek advice from lawyers to help her do so.

Motorcycle Accidents

The lack of protection in riding a motorcycle can easily lead to catastrophic injuries that can sometimes be life-threatening. After a serious injury, we can help you approach the legal process in a deliberate and timely manner, plus give you personalised legal advice so you receive full compensation for all the related costs and not assume any financial responsibilities.

Case Study: Motorcycle Accident - Motorcyclist hit by car of reckless driver

Amir was riding his motorcycle at a speed of about 50km/h on a two- way carriageway when another vehicle exited from a side road and made an illegal right turn. As a result, Amir was unable to brake in time and collided into the vehicle. The impact caused Amir to fly over the hood of the car and landed a distance away from the collision site. Amir sustained multiple severe injuries including open book fracture of the pelvis that required open reduction and internal fixation surgery, Tibia fracture, Tendinosis of the wrist and erectile dysfunction.

  • Despite the traffic police on-going investigations, we were able to get Amir a settlement on damages amounting to $350,000.00. (Including an interim payment of $20,000.00 within 4 months of issuing the Letter of Demand)
  • The matter was resolved at Pre-writ stage.

Head-On Collisions

Two vehicles involved in a collision results in severe injuries that are often fatal. Most head-on collisions is caused by one driver who travels against the flow of traffic and crashes with a car travelling in the correct lane. Depending on the damage, we can help you get compensated for pain and suffering and a loss of enjoyment of life, especially if you sustained injuries with lasting consequences, such as paralysis or facial disfigurement.

Case Study: As a Motorist

Daniel was driving his car on his way to work along Dunearn Road. He had just crossed the traffic junction of Dunearn Road and Whitley Road when a van turned from the slip road from Whitley Road and hit the left side of Daniel’s car. As a result, the left side of Daniel’s car and the front of the van was significantly damaged and the impact caused Daniel to hit his head and arm against the driver side window. While he does not feel like he has sustained serious injuries, Daniel has suffered bruises to his face and feels pain in his right shoulder. The driver of the van also does not appear to have suffered serious injuries. What should Daniel do?

In this case, it might be advisable for Daniel to do the following:

  • Exchange particulars with the driver of the van and any witnesses on the scene.
  • Take photographs of the accident scene and the vehicles involved. Ensure that the pictures taken are clear and that the damage to the vehicles as well as the license plate numbers are clearly visible.
  • Call his insurance hotline for help in getting a tow truck and advice. Make sure to report and bring his car to the approved registration centre or workshop within 24 hours.
  • Go to the hospital to have his injuries examined, treated and documented. Make sure to keep all invoices.
  • Make a police report as soon as possible.
  • Consider if he wants to claim against the driver of the van (who is likely to be represented by lawyers appointed by the vehicle insurers).

Specialisation in Road Traffic Accident Claims

Our firm is distinguished by its exceptional specialisation and extensive experience in managing claims for road traffic accidents and injuries caused by car accidents, showcasing a profound understanding of the complex legal frameworks specific to this field. Our dedicated team of lawyers excels in navigating the intricate realm of road traffic accidents, ensuring our clients receive both empathetic, comprehensive support and robust legal representation. Our specialisation is particularly focused on the myriad of issues arising from road traffic accidents, encompassing everything from minor collisions to serious, life-altering incidents.

Tailoring our approach to suit the individual needs of each case, our lawyers are well-versed in the unique challenges and intricacies faced by those affected by road traffic accidents. Our lawyers’ unwavering commitment to excellence and our client-centred ethos drive us to not only fulfil your legal needs but also to provide steadfast support throughout these challenging times with utmost sensitivity and respect.

Clients’ Success Stories

All I can really say is WOW! Ms Prasanna was able to settle my claim for WAY more than I ever thought it was worth. She took the time to make sure I got compensated for everything I was supposed to. She did a really wonderful job for me. She was also there for me whenever I dropped by or called.

Mr Steven

Thank you, DL Law Corporation. Mr Punia is a very humble person and helped a lot with my case. He's always ready to help the needy people and the best thing is that he always puts service above fees and provides satisfactory results.

Mr Balraj

My case was very well handled by DLLC team. It was great that DLLC could settle my claim so quickly in 8 months. I feel so relieved that the lawyers resolved my matter with such speed and ease.

Mr Gill J

I would like to thank [Ms Prasanna] profoundly for your professional and excellent counsel during the course of my successful injury claim. You have demonstrated understanding and compassion, and I felt comfortable and totally assured at all times, even though I got to know of your services from your website. My gratitude also goes to your dedicated and efficient team which have done a great job. Lastly, I will not hesitate to recommend your services to any of my family members or friends who are in the same predicament as mine.

Mr Ivan

Rekha has completed the overall documentation for this claim without giving us any hassle. I would definitely need to thank DL Law and Rekha for completing this process within such a good time frame.

Ms Chandren A

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Frequently Asked Questions About Road Traffic Accident Claims and Lawyers

How long does it typically take to resolve a road traffic accident claim?

The time it takes to resolve a road traffic accident claim can vary widely, depending on the complexity of the case, the severity of injuries, and the clarity of fault.

Typically, straightforward cases might settle within a few months, while more complex cases could take years. The negotiation process, gathering of evidence, and potential court proceedings can all affect the timeline. To expedite this process, you can consider engaging an experienced accident lawyer to help navigate the legal system efficiently.

What evidence should I gather at the scene of the accident to support my claim?

At the scene of the accident, it’s vital to gather as much evidence as possible to support your claim. This includes photographs of the accident scene, damages to all vehicles involved, and any visible injuries. You should also collect contact and insurance details of all parties involved, and details of witnesses. If the police attend the scene, ensure you get a copy of their report to help substantiate your claim.

Can I still pursue a claim if the at-fault driver is uninsured or underinsured?

Yes, you can still pursue a claim if the at-fault driver is uninsured or underinsured, though the process may differ depending on your jurisdiction.

You may need to claim through a special fund or your own insurance policy if you have coverage for such situations. When navigating these complex cases and claims, we recommend reaching out to an experienced road traffic accident lawyer like those from DLLC to help you secure the compensation you deserve.

Are there any time limits or statutes of limitations for filing a road traffic accident claim?

Yes, there are time limits, known as statutes of limitations, for filing a road traffic accident claim. These limits vary by jurisdiction but typically range from one to three years from the date of the accident. It’s important to initiate your claim within these time frames to ensure your right to compensation is preserved.

What steps should I take if I disagree with the insurance company's assessment of my claim?

If you disagree with the insurance company’s assessment of your claim, the first step is to request a detailed explanation of their decision. You should then gather any additional evidence that may support your case, including medical reports, repair estimates, and witness statements. It’s also advisable to consult with an experienced accident lawyer who can review your case and advise on the best course of action, including negotiation, mediation, or legal proceedings.