Accused Person

Our lawyers respond quickly, providing you with the advice you urgently need.

If you are under investigation or have been charged with a crime in Singapore, you need expert advice you can trust. Our lawyers understand that this can be a difficult and troubling experience. We will keep you informed of your obligations every step of the way.

  • Offences relating to injury
  • Offences relating to theft
  • Offences under the Employment Act
  • Offences under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act
  • Road Traffic Offences
  • Offences under the Companies Act
  • Offences under the National Environment Agency
  • Offences under Inland Revenue Authority Singapore

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Put your trust in a team that you know has your back. We pride ourselves in our efficiency and the ability of our team to not only understand your situation, but also sympathize with you and your family. If you are under investigation, speak to DLLC Legal today. 

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