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Civil Law – Civil Litigation Lawyer in Singapore

Civil litigation lawyers are pivotal in settling disputes by providing legal counsel, representing clients in court, and guiding them through the legal system’s intricacies to safeguard their rights and interests. Whether it is negotiating settlements or advocating in court, civil lawyers are instrumental in finding resolutions to conflicts, thereby ensuring justice and fairness.

DLLC is recognised as a reputable law firm with a broad specialisation that extends to civil litigation and disputes. Our firm is equipped with a team of experienced civil lawyers dedicated to providing exceptional legal services. We pride ourselves on our ability to handle complex legal challenges, ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of representation and advocacy in their civil disputes.

Services In Civil Law

DLLC offers a wide range of services within civil law, tailored to address and resolve various disputes that individuals and businesses may encounter. Our expertise extends to several key areas, ensuring comprehensive support for our clients.

Contract Disputes

  • Resolving contract disagreements and enforcing terms
  • Mediating and litigating breaches
  • Advising on contract rights and remedies
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts

Property Disputes

  • Addressing ownership, boundary, and easement conflicts
  • Handling landlord-tenant disputes
  • Handling zoning and land use conflicts
  • Protecting property interests in court

Commercial Disputes

  • Settling business operations and agreement disputes
  • Representing in partnership and shareholder conflicts
  • Litigating commercial contract breaches

Debt Recovery

  • Initiating debt recovery with demand letters
  • Negotiating repayments and enforcing debts legally
  • Securing judgments
  • Advising on post-judgment enforcement tactics

What Makes DLLC Unique from Other Law Firms

DLLC sets itself apart in the competitive landscape of legal services through its distinctive approach to civil law and dispute resolution. Unlike many firms, DLLC cultivates a deep partnership with clients, integrating closely with their operations to ensure legal strategies are not only meticulously tailored but also seamlessly aligned with their overarching objectives. This model goes beyond the conventional lawyer-client relationship, fostering a deeper comprehension of each client’s unique challenges and opportunities, thereby crafting bespoke, affordable legal strategies that are both innovative and effective.

Our specialisation in civil law, coupled with a particular emphasis on dispute resolution, is supported by a team of civil litigation lawyers renowned for their expertise and commitment to excellence. Driven by core values of duty, honesty, and empathy, our civil lawyers excel in delivering solutions that are not just legally sound but also ethically robust. This dedication permeates our handling of various legal matters, distinguishing our work in employment law and beyond.

Expertise of DLLC in Civil Law

Our Legal Team

Specialisation in Civil Legal Disputes

Since launching in 2015, DLLC has become synonymous with providing exceptional legal services tailored to the intricate demands of civil litigation. As a leading law firm in Singapore, we’ve built upon our early foundation to amass an impressive track record, successfully resolving more than 5000 legal disputes across various sectors. This achievement underscores our team’s unwavering dedication, superior skills, and adeptness at addressing complex legal challenges.

Our specialisation extends deeply into civil legal disputes, reflecting our thorough understanding of the complexities within civil law and our commitment to offering strategic, actionable advice. At DLLC, we pride ourselves on delivering top-tier legal support in a broad spectrum of civil matters, such as property disputes, contract disagreements, commercial conflicts, and debt recovery. Each case is approached with a deep commitment to understanding our client’s specific situation, ensuring our legal strategies are not only effective but also perfectly aligned with their goals and needs.

The approach at DLLC is uniquely characterised by our dedication to client success, providing expert guidance that integrates seamlessly with their business or personal objectives. This dedication to specialisation and excellence in civil law ensures our clients receive insightful, practical legal solutions. We aim not just to resolve current legal issues but also to equip our clients with the strategies necessary for effective management and prevention of future disputes.

Besides civil lawyers, DLLC features a specialised team of business solicitors and family attorneys, showcasing our extensive legal expertise and ability to address a diverse array of legal needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Civil Law

What are the key steps involved in filing a civil lawsuit in Singapore?

Engaging a civil litigation lawyer in Singapore is a critical step in navigating the complexities of filing a civil lawsuit, which involves several key stages. The process begins with the issuance of a Writ of Summons or an Originating Summons, depending on the case’s nature. This is followed by the service of the summons on the defendant, who then has a specified period to file a memorandum of appearance. The plaintiff must then serve a statement of claim detailing the lawsuit’s basis, to which the defendant responds with a defence. This exchange establishes the dispute’s grounds, potentially leading to a trial where the court will render a decision. Pre-trial conferences and mediation may occur along the way to encourage a settlement before the trial.

How can I resolve a contractual dispute without going to court?

Contractual disputes can often be resolved without court intervention through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) methods, such as mediation, arbitration, or negotiation. These processes involve neutral third parties helping the disputing parties reach a mutually agreeable solution. Mediation is a facilitated negotiation process aimed at achieving a voluntary settlement. Arbitration involves presenting the case to an arbitrator or arbitration panel, which then makes a binding decision. Direct negotiation between the parties, possibly with legal representation, is another way to resolve the issue amicably.

What legal remedies are available for victims of defamation in Singapore?

Victims of defamation in Singapore can pursue several legal remedies, including suing for damages (compensation for harm to reputation), seeking an injunction to prevent further publication of the defamatory material, and demanding a retraction or apology from the publisher. The choice of remedy depends on the defamation’s nature and the harm caused. Singapore law distinguishes between slander (spoken defamation) and libel (written or published defamation), with specific criteria for pursuing claims in each category. To navigate these legal waters smoothly and effectively, engaging with a civil lawyer who specialises in defamation cases is highly recommended.

What are the time limits for bringing a civil claim in Singapore?

The time limits for bringing a civil claim in Singapore, known as limitation periods, vary depending on the claim type. For most contractual and tortious claims, the limitation period is six years from the date the cause of action accrued. However, for personal injury claims resulting from negligence, defamation, and some other exceptions, different time limits may apply. It’s crucial to commence legal proceedings within these periods to avoid the claim being barred by statute.

How can I enforce a court judgement or order in Singapore?

Enforcing a court judgment or order in Singapore can be achieved through various means, depending on the judgment or order type and the debtor’s assets. Common enforcement methods include writs of seizure and sale, garnishee orders, and charging orders, which target the debtor’s property, earnings, or assets. Bankruptcy or winding-up proceedings can be initiated against insolvent debtors. Employing the appropriate enforcement strategy requires a thorough understanding of the debtor’s financial situation and the legal options available.

To navigate this process smoothly and maximise the chances of recovery, engaging with a civil lawyer who is experienced in enforcement matters is crucial. Their expertise ensures a well-informed approach to enforcement, aligning with the legal framework and the specifics of the debtor’s situation.