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Our law firm specializes in litigation, bringing an unmatched level of tenacity and dynamic approach to every case.

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1. Unparalleled Litigation Experience

We do not just practice law; we master it.

Our seasoned litigators boast a track record of amicable settlements in complex cases across various industries.

From corporate disputes to personal injury claims, we’ve faced it all – and emerged with favourable solutions for our clients.

2. Strategic Approach

Litigation is a chess game, and we are masters of strategy.

Our Lawyers approach each case with a meticulously crafted plan, foreseeing every move and countering with precision.

We do not just react to legal challenges; we anticipate and outmaneuver them.

3. Client Centric

Your goals are our mission.

We place clients at the heart of everything we do.

We communicate clearly, ensuring you are informed at every stage.

Your success is not just a priority; it is our commitment.

Commercial Litigation

Our litigators have a proven track record in handling complex commercial disputes, ensuring your business interests are safeguarded.

Dispute Resolution

From negotiation to arbitration, we specialize in resolving disputes efficiently and effectively.

Trust us to be your guide through the intricacies of alternative dispute resolution.

Civil Litigation

From personal injury claims to complex contract disputes, we bring a deep understanding of the law to each case.

In emotionally charged family law cases, we stand as your unwavering advocate.

Our compassionate yet tenacious approach ensures your rights are protected during these sensitive legal proceedings.

Notable Cases / Deals / Settlements

The whole team of DL Law Corporation had handled my wife case to the utmost professional. They are a company that will surely fly due to their utmost fantastic way of handling my wife’s case against a salon. My family would like to thank all the staff in DL LAW CORPORATION. Especially to Mr Anil. God bless and I pray that DLLC Law flies sky high in the future. Thank you.

Anil ChuganiPersonal Injury Claims

I have been working with Anil Lalwani for over several years... The experience and knowledge in corporate fields he provides give our company a sense of peace and confidence that a true professional is standing shoulder to shoulder with us and protecting our insured. Mr Anil Lalwani is very well versed in corporate law, labour issues, etc. is very helpful in answering any all questions that we asked.

Mr TanSumitomo Chemical Engineering Singapore Pte Ltd

Everything was breeze from start to end. Support was excellent. Anil went above and beyond to provide me guidance and even walk me through the entire process. Very knowledgeable in his field and I can not recommend for a better lawyer!

Hendra HarjunaCorporate Legal Services

Introducing Anil Lalwani

Your Trusted Legal Professional, Committed to Providing Support and Advocacy.

We've Also Been Featured As One Of The 10 Best Corporate Lawyers In Singapore - Best In Singapore

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