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When legal complications arise, whether it’s for your business or property, you need a good lawyer to negotiate and handle things with minimal grievance.

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Here’s how our lawyers can help you:

For Buying Property

When buying a property, our property lawyer represents your best interests from handling the required paperwork to communicating with relevant parties.

We will assist with matters such as:

  • Review the Option to Purchase (OTP) terms
  • Lodge a caveat when you intend to buy a property
  • Liaise with the banks and notifying relevant government authorities
  • Title transfer registration with the authorities

For Selling Property

Our property lawyer will check on all things related to your mortgage:

  • Whether you have an outstanding mortgage
  • Whether there are penalties for early redemption of the mortgage
  • If CPF Funds were used, they will check the amount to be repaid including the accrued interest

There will be a notice to the bank for redemption, which is to discharge you of the mortgage, and if any, to CPF to discharge you of the CPF charges.

Our property lawyer also prepares proof of all various charges that have been paid up by you, such as:

  • Your property tax
  • MCST charges
  • Other dues

Should you have a purchaser requesting to move in earlier for the closing transaction that needs to be delayed or if there are any other agreements that you have made with the buyer, a property lawyer can help draft these out.

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