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due diligenceCivil Law

Demystifying the Due Diligence Process with 6 Key Questions

Introduction  You have heard of the phrase “due diligence” but what really happens in a due diligence exercise.  When does it begin and how does it affect a potential purchaser or…
due diligenceMergers and Acquisition Law

5 Reasons Why Due Diligence is Important When Buying a Company

Introduction Due diligence or “Due-D”, is common parlance used and understood to mean that an investigation of the target company’s affairs (“Target”) would be carried out by the potential purchaser (“Buyer” or…
NDACommercial Law

What is an NDA and How to Use it to Your Advantage

Introduction Whether you are a start-up, a mature company or a conglomerate, it is likely that you would have come across this phrase “NDA” or “Confidentiality Agreements” popping up in…
singapore mergers and acquisitionMergers and Acquisition Law

Mergers and Acquisition(M&A) Law In Singapore – What is It?

According to PWC Global M&A Industry Trends: 2022 Outlook, global mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have hit new highs in 2021. There were 62,000 deals globally up 24% from the year… | online car buyi....