Shareholder Agreement Dispute

(March 2021)

Our purchaser was a keen investor, investing and buying various businesses in Singapore. The Purchaser had their sight on a target company in the education business.

The purchaser and vendors entered into a sale and purchase agreement but shortly thereafter, there were problems with the financial statements, the representations and warranties provided by the vendors. Parties sued each other in the High Court.

Instead of a long-drawn battle in Court, DLLC successfully negotiated and mediated a deal where our client, the Purchaser saved close to S$1M and mostly acquired all the shares in the target company.

Merger and Acquisition

(February 2021)

Our client, one the founder shareholders in a tech company, is a young, clever and resourceful individual.  She single-handedly ran the advertising campaign and brought in the traffic in millions of users to the site.

Venture capitalists recognised the potential and offered $100 Million as a deal.  DLLC reviewed and advised on the Shareholder Agreement – DLLC acted for and protected our client in a $100M Merger and Acquisition by a US listed entity.


(January 2021)

Our client is in the beauty business.  During the Covid-19 lockdown, they started to notice that their local clientele for beauty services was increasing.  The founder wanted to expand their business.  DLLC advised to consider a licensing and franchise model to expand their business.  Our client was successful to start its franchise in March 2021 and look out for more outlets.

Landlord and Tenant Dispute

(September 2020)

Pre-Covid-19 business in the retail industry in Singapore was quite poor. Our clients were global players in multiple markets and industries and they were ready to exit from their current premises. They had a dispute with their landlord.

The landlord sued for rental outstanding because the premises were not properly reinstatement. DLLC successfully negotiated and mediated for a well-known global brand – issue of vacant possession – client benefited with avoiding lengthy litigation and walked away from paying any further amount and saved at least $500,000.00.

Privacy Policy and Protection

(December 2020)

We advised and drafted the privacy policy, website terms and conditions and payment terms for company launching new app for the hotel industry.

Insolvency Law

(August 2020)

Our clients were minority shareholders without the power to control the company and deemed as Non-Parties. There was a fall-out between the majority and minority. The majority shareholder wanted out and commenced liquidation proceedings in the High Court.

If liquidation went in favour of the majority, our clients would have lost much money and reputation. DLLC acted for the Non-parties and successfully negotiated and resolved insolvency proceedings in favour of our clients.

Joint Tenant Severance

(February 2020)

A aged weary mother was fed-up with her step-son. Staying in the same flat, the step-son did nothing and kept the place filthy. The mother and step-son rarely spoke. The mother wanted out and sought legal advice.

DLLC successfully negotiated with our client’s step-son on severance of the joint-tenant and the purchase of step-son’s share in the  property. We obtained a fair share for both parties and avoided further acrimony.

Corporate Agreements


Our client needed advice and expertise in a joint venture deal from the memorandum of understanding, Non-disclosure agreement, term sheet and eventually joint venture agreement in medical biology and genetics.

DLLC successfully advised and drafted a joint-venture agreement between a Singapore Company focused on their collaboration with their mutual venture with their Vietnam counterparts.

Franchise Agreement


We advised and drafted a franchise agreement for a popular Korean restaurant in Singapore.

“Adrian was very different from all the other lawyers I’d met. He was confident about my case, and spelled out every aspect of the process in a reassuring and unintimidating way. I also liked the way he handled the negotiation – very professional, and at the same time, he made sure I was ok every step of the way. His agreements are very detailed and well written, and it eventually gave me a peace of mind to continue with my business.”

Ms Sylvia

"Very professional. They have very friendly staff and will attend to all your queries big or small. They make you feel welcome and comfortable and always willing to assist. My husband and I engaged their services to do some documentation for us and we didn’t have to follow up. Everything was taken care off from the word “go”."

Ms Divya

"Everything was breeze from start to end. Support was excellent. Anil went above and beyond to provide me guidance and even walk me through the entire process. Very knowledgeable in his field and I can not recommend for a better lawyer!"

Hendra Harjuna

“On behalf of Sumitomo Chemical Engineering Singapore Pte Ltd, I have been working with Anil Lalwani for over several years. I can never remember a time where our best interests were not served. The experience and knowledge in corporate fields he provides give our company a sense of peace and confidence that a true professional is standing shoulder to shoulder with us and protecting our insured. Mr Anil Lalwani is very well versed in corporate law, labour issues, etc. is very helpful in answering any all questions that we asked. Thank you for the effort you put forth on Sumitomo’s behalf.”

Mr Tan

“Mr. Anil Lalwani gave reasonable time to hear my problem and professionally handled and suggested me way out to my problem and also assured me that they are hear to help me out anytime. Now I can see why there are so many testimonials about this law firm. I highly recommend this law firm. I am short of vocabulary to thank them.”

Mr Sahil

“I would like to express my heart-felt thanks to Mr Anil of DL Law Corporation for his brilliant legal expertise when I engaged his services in a recent legal matter. I feel much honoured because he was so dedicated to my case and helped me a lot when I was going through a crucial time in my life. I really appreciate all his insight and guidance, his spending time on my case and giving me much needed attention and advice. Hiring him is one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life and I am very pleased with the outcome. His professional services were excellent and I certainly do not hesitate to recommend his firm to organisations and individuals in need of legal solutions and advice.”

Ms Grace C.
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