WICA vs Common Law

Our client was a lorry driver involved in industrial accident and he was injured while unloading some heavy items. He did not know how to make a work injury claim and how much he could receive. His original assessment under WICA was low at $38,000.

We reviewed his claim and advised to pursue his claim under common law. With our advice, our client successfully received $75,000, almost 2 times his initial claim amount in about 9 months.

Our client was so overjoyed, he thanked us so many times.

4 Times the Initial Claim Amount

Our client approached DLLC after receiving an exceptionally low assessment from WICA. With an issued notice of assessment of about $6,000 and with extremely limited time to act, he was dissatisfied and confused about what do no next. Timing was critical.

Having reviewed his industrial accident claim and advised him to pursue a claim under common law, DLLC ultimately settled the claim at $23,000, about 4 times the initially awarded amount under WICA.

Twice the Initial Claim Amount

Our client slipped and fall at his workplace. He approached us for help. He was assessed under WICA to receive about $21,000. With the experience of our lawyers, DLLC assessed his claim and advised him to object to his notice of assessment on the quantum. After his medical board review within 3 months, his assessment was increased to $41,000. It was about 2 times of his initial claim amount.

Additional Claims for Undetected Injuries

Our client suffered some serious injuries but due to the severity of his main injuries, some of his other less serious injuries went undetected which meant that his claim assessment was much lower. We helped him to retrieve the necessary medical evidence to support his additional injuries claims. 

With some persistence, DLLC successfully increased his claims from $32,000 to $71,000 more than 2X his initial claim.

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