Turning a Contested to an Uncontested Divorce

(July 2020)

This was a sad divorce case where parties had an angry and acrimonious relationship.  Husband and wife could not agree on anything.

With DLLC’s guidance, we successfully avoided a contested divorce and steered parties to a long negotiations regarding the terms of the divorce. Negotiations started from around June 2019 and went on for more than a year till July 2020.  Both parties managed to allow some concessions to each other and agreed to meet at a middle ground.

The divorce was eventually filed under a simplified divorce proceeding saving our client on legal costs.

Matrimonial Home Dispute

(April 2020)

This is a case where the husband disposed off the matrimonial home before commencing divorce proceedings against our client. Husband did it so that he did not have to pay a share to our client. He pocketed all the sale proceeds.

The wife got DLLC to sue her husband for her share of the sale proceeds. In the divorce suit, our client with DLLC was successful at winning care and control and even deciding which school the children could attend.

Contested Divorce

Our client, the mother of 2 young children, was fed-up with her uncooperative and irresponsible husband. She thought she could just get out of the relationship but the husband made it very difficult.

Her obstinate husband contested every step of the way, from a trial for the contested divorce to a contested ancillary hearing involving every single aspect from child custody, care and control, access and division of matrimonial assets.

After the long-drawn battle, DLLC successfully and skillfully obtained for our client her desired outcome.  She got care of control of her children and a decent percentage of the division of the matrimonial home.

“In short, the service provided was very professional and meticulous. There is no shortfall and as a client, I am very satisfied. Charges wise, it was very reasonable and the lawyer is always ready to help. As to how I am going to give rating, it gonna be 11/10. Thanks Winnie and Adrian, for the immense help rendered during the period.”

Mr Teh

“I am grateful that my sister recommended me to Ms Winnie and Mr Teo for the legal advice in my divorce case. Mr Teo had brief me on the consequences and outcome of my case. Mr Teo and Winnie has put in their outmost effort in my case. And thankful for the excellent and efficient service rendered during to me.”

Vonn LIm


Ms Ong

“I would like to take this opportunity to give my thanks to DL Law Corporation for providing an efficient and rapid delivery of the service that I acquired.”

Mr Justin


Mr Nigel


Ms Chen

“Excellent service from [DL Law Corporation] with fast response. Adrian and Winnie from DL Law Corporation provided professional advice and accurate options that helped to solve my problem in a short time. The [law] firm also handled my problem rapidly and smooth.”

Ms Joyce
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