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Whether you are injured at work, in a traffic accident or at a public place, we’ve got you covered.

We can help you with everything from medical wages and medical bills to helping you receive your average monthly earnings and negotiate the compensation that you are entitled to receive under the law. We have the knowledge and know-how to get you the most favourable payout.

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Accidents are unavoidable, but we are here to assist you with your personal injury claims.

Injured at Work?

A Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA) claim may seem quite straight-forward to an untrained person but in fact there are many factors to consider including having clear understanding of your injuries.  Without the right advice, you may be depriving yourself of a higher payout.

Common Accidents
  • Carried heavy objects
  • Carried out work without guidance
  • Fallen from heights
  • Fallen from a ladder
  • Fallen through a ceiling
  • Fallen due to slippery floors or stairs
  • Forced to take shortcuts
Injured at Work
  • Injured due to a co-worker’s error
  • Overworked beyond regulated hours
  • Operated faulty machines
  • Operated machines without supervision
  • Worked in an unsafe place
  • Worked at a hazardous location
  • Worked without  personal protection equipment (PPE).

Involved in a Road Traffic Accident?

We assist to claim compensation for those who have been involved in an accident (on road, at work or at public places and road traffic hit and run accidents). If you have suffered an accident in the last three years sustaining losses and/or damages and/or injuries, you will be eligible for a claim.

Other Personal Injury Claims

  • Injured in a public place
  • Injured while travelling on public transport
  • Injury from falling object(s) in a public place, such as a shopping mall.

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All I can really say is WOW! Ms Prasanna was able to settle my claim for WAY more than I ever thought it was worth. They took the time to make sure I got compensated for everything I was supposed to. They did a really wonderful job for me. They were also there for me whenever I dropped by or called.

Mr StevenPersonal Injury Claims

Rekha has completed the overall documentation for this claim without giving us any hassle. I would definitely need to thank DL Law and Rekha to completing this process within such a good time frame.

Ms Chandren A.Personal Injury Claims

My case was very well handled by DLLC team. It was great that DLLC could settle my claim so quickly in 8 months. I feel so relieved that the lawyers resolved my matter with such speed and ease.

Mr Gill J.

The whole team of DL Law Corporation had handled my wife case to the utmost professional. They are a company that will surely fly due to their utmost fantastic way of handling my wife’s case against a salon.

Anil Chugani

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